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B O O K   2

What if, as we navigate loss and grief, our loved ones are walking beside us on the other side of the veil? What if we could learn to not only connect with our ancestors but also to Spirit? 


In this personal memoir of grief and healing, Diane Kirby explores her family’s history with tragedy and spirituality, the sudden death of her husband and her overwhelming grief, and her journey back to the wisdom of her Scottish ancestors. Diane examines her parents’ remarkable abilities as Spiritualists, chronicles her own experiences with spiritual healings, and ultimately refines her own path to Mediumship. With self-help undertones, this memoir offers comfort in times of grief, resources for connecting to spiritual communities, insights on both seeking spiritual healing and refining Mediumship skills, and background on Scottish ancestry and generational wisdom.


Grief and the Spirit World: A Search for Comfort explores the complexities of grief—not only the sorrow but also the hopefulness—and confirms that in grief, as we heal, we can help others. 

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